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(originally uploaded 1997 by the University of Maastricht, uploaded here in September 2002)

Friedrich Lists Einfluss in den Niederlanden

Written with Prof.Dr. Jürgen G. Backhaus, Maastricht, Netherlands.

First printed as:
Working paper. WP/96/012. (1996)
University of Limburg, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Maastricht, Netherlands. (25 p.)
Later printed in:
Eugen Wendler (ed.) (1996). "Die Vereinigung des Kontinentes" – Friedrich List- Die gesamt-europäische Wirkungsgeschichte seines ökonomischen Denkens, Scäffer-Poeschel Verlag, Stuttgart 1997.

This is an anthology celebrating the 150 year commemoration of Germany’s foremost economist historically, Friedrich List, with a foreword by the prime-minister of Baden-Würtemberg, Germany. (25 p.). With highly elaborate index and bibliography of old Dutch literature posted on a University of Limburg Internet address - some110 p. of bibliography)

Research done by :
Arno Mong Daastøl (Daastoel) (Drs. Oecon at Universität Erfurt, Germany)
Utsiktsveien 34, NO-1410 Kolbotn, Norway
Email: Ph: (prefix 47) 6680 6373, Mobile: 9002 4956, Fax: 6699 5325
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The search for information regarding how the ideas of F.List were received in the Netherlands was done through the National Dutch library system which includes most of all literature stored from around 1550 until today. For budget reasons it had to somewhat restricted - for example to the Dutch economic magazines available in Maastricht.

 A search for `List' gave 57 entries as compared with the entries of other German scholars of the same tradition: Sombart: 121, Roscher: 46, Schmoller: 50, Knies: 10, Hildebrand: 2, A.Wagner: 42, J.H.G.Justi: 20, Möser: 1, Wollf: 184, Leibniz: 410 and Cusa + Kues: 160 + 198. The entries however were practically all non-Dutch texts and therefore were of less interest. Consulting a modern standard textbook on the history of Dutch economic ideas by van Daal and Heertje, two entries were found regarding the non-reception by two liberalists: Pierson and his student Beaujon. Nevertheless, the main works of practically all economists mentioned by van Daal and Heertje up to 1885, the main economists up to 1935 and a few thereafter were searched through.

Other books by authors mentioned by these main stream liberalist authors in connection with the main themes of interests regarding List's ideas were also scrutinized. In particular authors were sought who might be opposed to the main liberalist stream. These were mainly dissertations and pamphlets where the latter were of a more practical nature which often did not mention any theoreticians at all. All books covering Dutch economic-, tariff-, and trade history were scrutinized. The leading economic magazines were scrutinized in the same manner: De Gids through the years 1855-1885 (founded 1837) and de economist through the years 1852-1885. The ending-year 1885 was a matter of cost-benefit choice concerning time spent and information received.

 The books and articles had to be scrutinized page by page. This procedure had to be repeated for practically all book as only about 5 per cent of the books released before WW II seem to have been given a index.

 The search included also other economists, as well as concepts like "vrijhandel" and "het vrije ruilverkeer" (free trade), "protectie" and "bescherming" (protection), "tarivenpolitiek" (tariff policy), "handelspolitiek" (trade policy), katheder-socialist, historische school, "Zollverein" (German customs union), "spoorweg" (railroads) and concepts related to non-material factors of production.

Practically no references were found in these books to railroads, extremely few to customs union and then regarding German history and not theory. Regarding education there was a Malthusian bent towards viewing the education of common people into limiting their procreation rather than promoting technical development.

The results for most of the books were listed in a separate document were entries easily can be found by making an entry for example Adam Smith or Frederic Bastiat or Gustav Schmoller on a computer-text-program like Word Perfect which was the working program. The document had reached 40 pages when we decided to stop the search. There still is an amazing amount of pamphlets to be searched through, more than 200 known at present. This could not be done due to lack of time, lack of funds since each order costs 10 gulders and since many pamphlets simply are not available through the library system due to old age or scarcity. To review them would have meant a considerable amount of time (and money) spent on travelling to local libraries in the Netherlands.

The entries found in the Dutch library system on the various concepts were:

vrijhandel:                                   61

vrije ruilverkeer:                 7

protectie:                                    54

protectionisme:               34

bescherming:                    7

handelspolitiek:             108

tarivenpolitiek:                   3

katheder-socialist:                         3

historische school:                        1



Books and articles from which I have not listed all the names mentioned are marked with a *

But they have been looked through.


R.Häpke: `Die Wirtschaftspolitik im Königreich der Niederlände, 1815-1830', in Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte (1923)


Willem van Houten:       De Koophandel, Gebroeders Diederichs, Amsterdam 1836 (384p,)

Most likely no reference to List: too old and hardly any names mentioned at all

No index, no table of contents

Chapter on railroads      115

vrije of beperkte handel  80

Mr.D...:             Over de aloude vrijheid van handel en nijverheid en Nederland, M.Ballot, Denveter 1840  (319p.)

Quote from List ??? Pages 301-302 or Schön as is written?

History of Dutch economy and tariffs


I limit the registration to foreign economists and some Dutch

Lots of references to Karl V, Philip II, Maximillian I

Physiocratism   311,

mercantilism     311,

Willem I                        21,

Cromwell                      86,306,

Louis XIV                      94,

Colbert             102, "vollste success", 306,

Grawinckel        145,

Boxhorn                       145,

Gronovius                     145,

Heinsius                       145,

Luzac               201,

Arthur Young     180,

Smith               182,299,303,307,

Baldwin            308,

Canning                        308,

Strijd over vrijheid van handel      275,

Luzac               276,289,

Charlemagne and the blooming of Frisian manufacture     278,

Charlemagne     291,

Karl V               279,290,

John Bowring    291,315,

McCulloch                    292,

Johann Schön   301,302,312,


B.W.A.E.Sloet tot Oldhuis: Voorede te: Staatshuihoudkunde of beginselen des rijkdoms, (translation from French) by Joseph Droz, Lange, Denventer 1849

No reference to List

No register

Droz mentions:

Ganilh   30n

Storch 3

Colbert 63,148 Rooy:   Geschidenis der Staatshushoudkunde in Europa, an de vroegste tijden tot heden, Met eene voerede van Mr. D.A. Walraven, L.F.J.Hassels, Amsterdam 1851

No register

Economic history from Athens to 1550

No reference to List Rooij:               Geschidenis van den Nederlandschen Handel, L.F.J.Hassels, Amsterdam 1856 (1030p.)



no references to protection or to spoorwegen


 J.A.Molster:                  De Geschiedenis der Staatshuishoudkunde, van de Vroegste Tijden tot Heden, Gebroeders Kraay, Amsterdam 1851

List p.              235

Cameral                       235

Zollverein          233, 234

same pages:     Rau, Osiander, Lotz, Riedel, Smitthenner, Hufeland, Hoffman,Fulfa, Muchard, Jacob, von Veller, and the Dutch Bosscha


Hendrik Muller S.zoon:  De Nederlandsche Katoen-nijverheid en het stelsel van bescherming in Nederlandsch Indië, H.A.Kramers, Rotterdam 1857 (233p.)

no index, no chapters

practically oriented book

 No reference to List

 Hogendorp                                           35

graaf Schimmelpenninck            36,39,69,

Willem I                                               38

Zie                                                       96

Jordaan                                    117

Dumayr van Twist                      123

Meijer Bing                               149


S.J.Hingst:                   Proeve eener geschiedenis der Historische School op het gebied van het privaatregt in Duitsland, Johannes Müller, Amsterdam 1859 (179p.)

No references to economists

No reference to List


Otto Van Rees: Geschiedenis der staatshuishoudkunde in Nederland tot het achttiende eeuw, 2 Vol., Kemink en zoon, Utrecht 1865-1868

                                   Part I: Oorsprong en karakter van de Nederlandsche nijverheidspolitiek, der zeventiende eeuw.

                                   Part II: Geschiedenis der koloniale politiek van de republiek der vereenigde Nederlanden.

 No reference to List

No register

Rees mentions:














Willem I...






Richelieu          173



S.van Houten:               De Staatsleer van Mr.J.R.Thorbecke, Te Groningen bij J.B.Wolters, 1872 MU PH hV 11

No reference to List

J.Bosscha:       Pruisen en Nederland, Een word van J.Bosscha, oud-minister, aan zijne landgenooten, Te Amsterdam, bij C.M.van Gogh. 1866 (49p.)

No reference to List

An article on Dutch independence from the Habsburgers, the French and the Germans through history since Charlemagne and of course since 1573

No references to economists


N.G.Pierson:                 Het begrep van volksrijkdom, P.N.van Kampen, Amsterdam 1864

List                              77, 81,

Knies                           81

German economists:     36

Historical school           104

Ganilh                          36

Roscher                                   20,22,23,85,107


N.G.Pierson:                 Friedrich List en Zijn Tijd (Friedrich List and his time), de Gids, 1866, see also Economic Papers, volume II, pp.257-88

Many references to List of course

German railroads           370

National system            372

Pressed by Roscher, Hildebrand, Stein   375

List no unconditional protectionist          376

List's inconsequenct protectionism                    382


N.G.Pierson:                 'Het katheder-socialisme'  (Katheder socialism), de Gids, 1878 3, pp.250-280, see also Economic Papers, volume I, pp.211-47

Many references on German economists of course

LIST                                                               252,

Nederlandsche katheder-socialisten       255,256

Goeman Borgesius                                                       256,262,263,276

l'Ange Huet                                                                  278


N.G.Pierson:                 Het stelsel van Bescherming, De erven F.Bohn, Haarlem 1885

LIST                                        34

Seckendorff                  1,4

North                            1

Smith                           2,34

Bastiat                         3

Say                                         6,14,

Boisguillebert                32,44

Loius XIV                                  32

van Horn                                   32

P.Verri                         37,38

Falke: Geschichte des deutschen Zollwesens, 1869

Weber: Geschichte des Zollvereins, 1869


N.G.Pierson:                 Economist Januari 1888

List                              34, 35

Seckendorf                   1,4

North                            1

Boisguilebert and Louis XIV 32,44


N.G.Pierson:                 Leerboek der Staatshuishoundkunde, De erwen F.Bohn, Haarlem 1896 MU EAF 334-7


No reference to List

Looked up part two: chapters on protection: pp.189-241

No references to List despite many references to "de protectionisten".

Mentioned are:

Quesnay                      189

Smith               189

Cobden                        190

Thomas More    201

A.Beaujon                    209

Paul Leroy Beaulieu      241

N.G.Pierson:                 Het waardeproblem in een socialistische Matschappij, De Economist, vol.41, S'Gravenhage 1902, pp.423-56, reprinted in Verspreide Economische Geschriften edited by C.A.Verrijn Stuart, Haarlem 1910, vol.I, pp.333-77, tranlated by G.Gardiner and published as The Problem of Value in the Socialist Community in F.Hayek, Collectivist Economic Planning, Routledge and Sons, London 1935, pp. 41-85

No reference to List

Denies what German writers insist on: that there is any relationship between Ricardo and Marx78

N.G.Pierson:                 Grondbeginselen der Staatshuishoundkunde, new ed., fifth printing, De erwen F.Bohn, Haarlem 1905 (349p.)

No index,

Looked only on chapter on "uit en invoer" and belastingen

LIST                265

Duitsche tolverbond       265

Lotz                 261

Clement            263

Hogendorp        265

Sickenga          265

Sillem   265

Smith   265

Huskinson        265

graaf Caprivi      276

A.Raffalovich     279

A.E.Sayous      279

G.L.Porter         283

H.Paasche                   283

Sauerbeck                    285

Boissavian        285

Lincoln             285

Verri                 291

d'Aulnis de Bourouill      295

P.Bruckner       297

chapter on belastingen

Ricardo             321,323

A.Soetbeer       322

MacCulloch       322

Inama Sternegg 329

Neumann                      336



Folkert Nicolaas Sickenga:

                                   Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis der belastingen in Nederland, Proefschrift Leiden, Academische Boekhandel van P.Engels, Leiden 1864

No register

No reference to List


Mentions negotiations with England and transit trade with Germany p. 197


Alkemade                     20,21

Aitzema                       133,148,210,311,318, 319,346

Berg                 60,61,65,71,83,86,96

Boissevain        500

Boxhorn                       44,68,70,76

Burman            15,49,

Bynkershoek     432

Cibrario             22

Citters              477,

de Coeur                      328,

de la Court        156,166

Mr. D...                        227,244,256,259,374,375,440,

Dirks                42

Engels              83,100,116,158,300,314,334,356,367,368,393,400,414,417,421,436,441,442,443,445,

Gibbon             22

Graswinckel      10,204,208,209,294

de Groot                       136,497

Halsema                       4,14,27,31,38,39,41,42,43,46,47

Hamerster                    429

Hasse              491

Heeneman                    6,7,8,30,33,75,78,82,

Heel                             55

Heeren             327

Hoeven                         146,146,147

Hogendorp        440

Huber               429

Idsinga             17,26,27,30,62

Karl de Groote   6

Kluit                 8,22,34,35,36,82,476,

Koenen                        133,375,455,466,474,

Laspeyres         294,315 2

Libertas                        329

Le Long                        242,416,459,463,467,475,

Leeuwen                       12,14,16,29,30,476,477,481

L'Espine                       416,467,475,

Loon                 34,5,6,7,9,13,17,18,19,22,28,29,33,34,35,54,70,83

Luzac               92,230,231,244,245,246,247,248,249,258,260,263,273,284,380,408,409,423,440,441,460

Mac Culloch      198

Metelerkamp     457

Paulus Scheltus


Pestel              263,264


Pinto                498

Pot                              64,74,82,83,87,334,335

Quack              3

Raleigh                         139

Reyd                63,80,103,135,156,318

Robertson                     5,13,55

de Rooy                       122,329

Say                              224

Scheltus                       102

vin Scheurl        491

Schotanus        39,40,44,46,48,87

Schrassert        27,67,73,286,293,332,333,354,382,480,

Seneuil             496,497

Slingelandt        71,75,81,103,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,244,285,295,300

Sminia              37,46

Smith,A                        458

Spence             22

Spiegel                         102,446,

Sterk                150,151,

Swinderen         340,341,

Tacitus             36

Temple                         123

den Tex                        145

Tongerlo                       244

Toullier             493,495,

Vissering          198,427

Valckenier        192,191,

Vynckt             96

Wagen             255,256,264

Wagenaar                     9,19,31,40,45,61,64,65,70,71,73,75,76,78,79,80,82,83,84,85,86,88,90,92,93,95,96,103,133,156,227,244,246,249,250,251,254,257,258,262,263,273,294,295,312,315,331,356,445,455,458,461,462,463,465,467,469,471,475

Wall                 16,19,70,82

Walter              493

Wertheim                     181,199,294

Westendorp      12,27,39,42,43,45,46,47,59

Willem IV V      375

Winsemius       80,81,84,85,87,101

Wttewall                       211

Zillesen             367

Zurck                30,54,206,302,469,477,


F.N. Sickenga:  Geschiedenis der Nederlandsche belastingen, P.N. van Kampen, Amsterdam 1865

No reference to List

French influence 106


F.N. Sickenga:  Geschiedenis der Nederlandsche belastingen sedert het jaar 1810, 1883

Not borrowed


W.C.Mees:                   Overzicht van Eenige Hoofddoornstukken der Staatshuishoudkunde, P.N.van Kampen, Amsterdam 1866 (226p.)

No reference to List

No index, table of contents in the front

It is strange that almost none has commented on the relatively very large chapter by Mees on international trade III p.144-226

Very unusual book: One name is mentioned:

Robinson Crusoe           15


H.J.M.van de Laar:        Oppenbanker en Wetenschapsman, Willem Cornelis Mees, 1813-1884, Martinus Nijhoff, Den Haag 1978.

No reference to List


H.W.Tijdeman:  De Nederlandsche Handelsmaatschappij, Hazenberg, Leiden 1867

no register and no reference to List

a few references to Vissering, Mees and Hogendorp but to no foreigners


Thomas Stamford Raffles           3,62,65,384: "The History of Java"

Pinchegru                                            51

Willem I                                               236


Simon Vissering:           Handboek van praktische Statshuishoudkunde, 2 vols., P.N. Kamen, Amsterdam 1867



PART II references to paragraphs

2 Hoofdstuuk De Werking van de staat tot de maatschappij

1          handeheving      10

2          bescherming     13

3          ondersteuning   16

Interesting references inluding all foreign economists:


List en zijn nationale system                 84 (p.48)


Bescherming     672-680 zie: Nijverheid en Staat

Carey   639, (pp.429,434)

Colbert  1097


Gogel en besherming     89,94,118
















Willem I                        179,965


Simon Vissering:           Handboek van praktische staatshuishoudkunde, 2 vol., vierde, herziene druk, P.N.van Kamen, Amsterdam 1878

List en zijn nationale system                 84 (p.48) (same as above)


Simon Vissering and D.A.Portielje: Tariefshervorming in Engeland,  

Not available


Hendrik Jacob Hamaker:            De Historiscche School in de Statshuishoudkunde, - Academisch Proefschrift over, Gebroeders van der Hoek, Leiden 1870

List                  18,19

Hildebrand        1,4,7,11,29

Kautz               2,10,22.

Knies               2,3,7,8,11,26n,27n,28n,29

Roscher                       1,11,12,13,26n,27n,29

Vissering          10,11,18

Pierson                        10,13,17,18

Houten             14,15,16

Fruin                14 Bruyn Kops:        Beginselen van staatshuishoudkunde, 2 vol., vijfde, herziene en vermeerede druk, J.H.Gerhard & Co., Amsterdam 1873

No register


1 Hoofdstuuk     Waarde                        p.9

            no references to any authors

2                                  Voortbrenging    18

            no references to any authors

14                                Handel              165-186

            no references to any authors

18                                Bemoeingen der regeering met de nijverheid 228

            no references to any authors except: Colbert p. 229

19                                Bescherming     241-297

            no references to any authors except:

                                   Richard Cobden 269-287



22                                Belastingen       333


D'Aulnis de Bourouill:  Katheder-socialisme, Redevoering bij de aanvardering van het Hoogleeraarsambt aan de Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht, op den 23sten Maart 1878, Uitgesproken door Mr Baron D'Aulnis de Bourouill, J.L.Beijers, Utrecht 1878 (40p.)

No register

No reference to List

Wilhelm Roscher                      14,15,21,22,33,35,37

Adolf Held                                12,18,22,23,31,32,34,

Schmoller                                            14,34,35,

Brentano                                              34,35,

Adolph Wagner                         30,33,34,

Levasseur                                            24,

Marx                                                    31,33,

Smith                                       5,7,12,15,24,

Leone Levi                                24,

Ricardo                                    15,

Malthus                                               15,24,

Senior                                      15,

Stuart Mill                                15,20,23,24

Cairnes                                    15,

Jevons                                     15,

Say                                                     5,6,

Courcelle Seneuil                      7,

Emile de Lavaleye                     7,

Heinrich von Treitschke  7,32,

Verein für Socialpolitik   8,

C.W.Opzoomer                         11,

van Houten                               11,

Vissering                                             11,

van Rees                                              38,

Ackerdijk                                             38,

Hemskeerk                                          37,


J.Bn.D'Aulnis de Bourouill:         Praeadvies van Mr. J.Bn.D'Aulnis de Bourouill: in:
Prae-adviezen over de vraag: Is wijziging van de handelspolitik hier te lande wenschelijk? Vereeniging voor de Staatshuishoudkunde en de Statistiek, Jo.Müller, Amsterdam 1904, pp.1-25  (178p.)

No register, table of contents in the front

LIST                            6

Beaujon                        6,9

Harte                7,8,9,10,

Pierson             8

Smith               8

Dusseldorp       10,14,15,

Stryen              10,

Marx                            11,

M.Mees                        12,15,

Pijnappel                      12,

Smissaert                     13

Chamberlain      15,16,19 !!!,

C.A.Vince                     19,

Balfour              19

Bahlmann                     20

van Tienhoven    20


U.G.Schilthuis: Praeadviezen van den heer U.G.Schilthuis, in: Prae-adviezen over de vraag: Is wijziging van de handelspolitik hier te lande wenschelijk? Vereeniging voor de Staatshuishoudkunde en de Statistiek, Jo.Müller, Amsterdam 1904, pp.26-81

No reference to List

Note this person who puplished a lot on construction of railroads and canals

This article is full of references to transportation to and from Germany

Bos                              26,74,   : "Het protectionisme en zijne volgen"

Smissaert                     26,77.

Engels              27 :      "Schutzzoll und Freihandel in der Neuen Zeit"

E.van Gelder     29

minister Pierson            29

Dobbelman                   32,37,

Malthus                        42

Bruinsma                      43

F.B.Löhnis        43

Czar Peter den Grote     55

W.Toose                      56

Thorbecke                    59,64,

Minster Kuyper  63

van Heek                      77


A.H.Jannink:     Praeadviezen van den heer A.H.Jannink, in: Prae-adviezen over de vraag: Is wijziging van de handelspolitik hier telande wenschelijk? Vereeniging voor de Staatshuishoudkunde en de Statistiek, Jo.Müller, Amsterdam 1904, pp.82-114

No reference to List


A.Ledeboer       85

Chamberlain      85

Pierson             98,109,


J.van Dusseldorp:          Praeadviezen van den heer J.van Dusseldorp A.Mzn., in: Prae-adviezen over de vraag: Is wijziging van de handelspolitik hier te lande wenschelijk? Vereeniging voor de Staatshuishoudkunde en de Statistiek, Jo.Müller, Amsterdam 1904, pp.115-178

LIST                            129


Carey               160,161,

Treub                129

D.Bos               117

Beaujon                        120,

Roscher                       122,153,

Karl Marlo         153,154,178,

K.G.Winkelblech           154

Smith               126,129,160,

Say                              126,130,131,134,135,154,

Pijnappel                      132,

Bastiat             165,

Smissaert                     172,173,174,175,177,178,

Pierson             134,135,136,1137,140,141,143,156,165,

Diepen              135,

Harte                135,

Schölvinck        135

Mill                              135,

McCulloch                    149,152,


J.A.Levy:                      Engelsch "Katheder-socialisme", Gebroeders Belinfante, 'S Gravenhage 1879 (443p.)

No reference to List


An attack on the essay by Pierson

Many refernces to Pierson, Cairnes, Spencer,Mill,

I only mention German authors  

G.Rümelin                    17,25,27,29,32,41,47,310,439

M.Müller                       17,20

Kant                             71,260,262,263,310

A.Wagner                     82

Roscher                       87, 318

Brentano                      105,111,114,

Helferich                       105,112,

Bluntschli         155

de Savorin Lohman        161,162,163

W.v.Humboldt   164

Ihering              165 ff 175,4423

Histoircal school same

Stahl                171

F.A.Lange                    210,259,260,274,318,343,

Ed.Hartenst      259,260

L.v.Ranke                     220

R.Eucken                     269

E.Pfleiderer       272,280

A.Horwicz                     279,281,

Wundt              279

Mommsen                    279

Helmholtz                     299,307

D.F.Strauss      299

Hans Gross      304

A.Held              334,348,352,355

A.Oncken                     364

K.D.A.Röder     429


Aristoteles        427

J.A.Levy:          Het ideele in Recht en Staat Personijke dinstvervulling, den Haag 1876, p.14

duty                                         404

Hobbes on protection     399

David Syme: Outlines of an industrial science, London 1876



J.G.Hintzen:      Kolonialprotectionisme, geschreven naar aanleiding van brochure van den Heer Joseph Jacobson, Te Rotterdam bij M.Wyt & Zonen, 1880 (11p.)

No reference to List

Jos.Jacobson                           3,5,6,7,10,

Hendrik Muller S.zoon   3,

Smith                                       9,


M.Mees:                       Een en ander over het stelsel van bescherming, M.Wyt & Zonen, Rotterdam 1882 (55p.)

No reference to List

overview in the back:

Erzieungszölle              8-10

Why has protection so many adherents?            51

Schützzoll                    11

Gründungsmanie                       18

Bismarck                                 53

Mongredien                   56

No other names


M.Mees:                       Nadeelen van het protectionisme voor de werkende klassen, M.Wyt & Zonen, Rotterdam 1891

No reference to List

Hardly any mentioning of authors or references at all


President Cleveland       67

Sir John B.Phear           62

Erziehungszölle 73,74


J.Spée:             Vrijhandel of Bescherming? Een en ander over den invloed, dien het stelsel van het laissez-faire, laissez psser, op het ttoestand van handle, landbouw, scheepvaart en nijverheid in het akgemeen heeft uitgeoefend, Gebroders Binger, Amsterdam 1883 (70p.)

No reference to List

Attack on free traders: see foreword, in particular on Mees

Willem I                                   27,

Erzieungszzölle 26,27

Gründer-zwendel           26

Preussia                                  28

German expansionism   54

P.N.Muller                    54,55,56,

Colbert                         5,6

Hndrik Muller (Szoon?)  66,

Louis XIV                                  6,

Smith                           5,7,8

Say                                         5,7,8,61

cobden                         7,65,

Mees                                       9,10,11,12,16,18,24,25,28,29,33, etc. etc.

(refered to on practically on every page)

van Bosse                                13,14,15,

Kamerdebatten 1850     14

Rossi                           17,

Gössingen                                46,


Everhardus Cornelis Godée: Het oude stelsel van den Vrijen Handel en het

NB !!                 moderne Protectionisme, Academisch proefschrift aan de Rijksuniversiteit van Utrecht 1883, J.P.Diehl 1883 (122p.)

No register but appendixes on: free trade vs protection taken from Augustus Mongredien, Bismarck's 1878 writing.

Chapter            two (of four) is on List!!! p.38-58

Chapter            three on change in German trade policy p.58-83

Chapter four on results of the above in Germany  p.84 ff


?????   Nationale en Cosmopolitische Huishoudkunde, Een vluugschrift naar de aanledning van het proefschrift

NB !!!    van Mr.E.C.Godée: "Het oude stelsel van den Vrijen Handel en het moderne Protectionisme, Minkman & Co, Arnheim 1883 (167p.)

This is a detailed and sharp critisism of Godée's thesis by an anonymous writer  (!!)

No Index, table of contents in the front

same chapters as with Godée, see in particular page V

see also description of List's "system" chapter two, p.76 ff


Anonymously:   Curiositeiten van het Protectionisme, Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Rotterdam 1884 (72p.)

No register


B.M.Bahlmann                          14,

Tilburgse industri                       14ff

Ueberwälzung der steuer           35

Freetrader fanatisme      56,

vom Stein                                             57,

Galilei                                      57,

Cobden                                                57,

William III                                 57,

Stulta en Puera             57,

F.Bastiat                                              57,


Armand Diepen:            Het verslag der Tilburgsche wol-industrie en Hendrik Muller Szoon, of, Bescherming contra vrijhandel, Snelpersdruk van N. Luijten, Tilburg 1887 (120p.)

Includes the original proposal from the Tilburg industry as an apendix

No reference to List

No register

Clearly a protectionist see p.40 on Colbert and p. 105

Discusses particularly criticism of the anti-protectionist

Hendrik Muller Szoon against the Tilburg wol-industrie,

his proposal, book and some articles of his in the NRC

21 sept 1886 or 7, 29 aug.,


Frankfurter Zeitung

The Ministries Peel, Russell Gladstone, 39

Pierson             39,68,

Vissering                      39,

Bryun Kops       40,

Say                              40,

Colbert             40,

J.Spée              52,

Suyver              57,

Landbauw-comitée rapport         82ff

Cromwell's Act of navigation       99

Smith               100,


Armand Diepen:            De jongste uitingen van het anti-protectionisme in Nederland, J.Noorduyn & Zoon, Gorinchem 1889

No reference to List

No register

A lot of space devoted to protection of grainproduction as with Bruyn Kops, discusses also Beaujon, partly Mees and particularly Pierson closely

but is a protectionist, see page 392 for example

Against the role of Holland as a trade country see page 209

References to many newspaper-articles and a few Dutch books:

                                   Pierson: Leerboek, Grondbeginselen, Vissering: Handboek, Beaujon: Handelspolitiek, Stork: Twentsche katoennijverheid, Mees: Overzicht,

and one foreign book: Say: Traite d'economie politique

2 Afdeeling        landbouw en landbouwbescherming        55

            Hoofdstuuk VI de Nederlandsche economen en de theorie van Ricardo100

            Een merkwerdig antwoord                                                         119      

3 Afdeeling        Nijverheid en nijverheidbescherming 139

4 Afdeeling        Handel en handelbescherming               191

            Hoe de ahndel beschermd kan worden

5 Afdeeling        Een wenig historie                                            253

            De theorie

references to     Beaujon, Pierson, Greven, Deking Dura, Patijn, Rozenraad, Say, Schölwinck, Van Houten: Bijdragen,

            Hoofdstuuk 17   Hoe het effecten-argument bestreden werd 332

            Hoofdstuuk 18   de Bevoordering van het binnenlandsche ruilverkehr 344

            Hoofdstuuk 19   Dure landen zijn welvaarende landen 365


de nederlandse protectionisten   30

Patijn    3,4,5,6,7,8,9,14,15,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,28,29,30,33,35

G,Pollet            5,36,37,

George Medley  33,34,35

Hendrik Muller   36,37,

Beaujon,           181,222,223,226,228,231,




Deking Dura



More interesting perhaps, but with no references:

Erziehungszölle 185,186,

Van Houten       219,220,233,

Ricardo 91,96,100,110,111,112,117,126,127,128,129,

Smith   195,223,

Bismarck          192

Cromwell          195

C.T.Stork          247

Say                  266

Cobden             389



De Economist,

uitgegeven van J.L.De Bruyn Kops, H.L.Smits, 'S Gravenhage:

1887, vol.36:

I:          De Nederlanders en de Duitschers in de Wereldhandel pp. 444-448

Het Protectie-stelsel in de vereenigde staaten,pp.96-98

II:         De waarde der nieuwe protectie-beweging, pp.681-685

A.D.van Assendelt de Coningh:  Belastinghervorming op historischen grondslag, pp.953-960

J.G.Patijn:        De Malaise en het Protectionisme, W.P.Van Stockum & Zoon, S'Gravenhage 1888 (80p.)

No reference to List


Armand Diepen             56,

Hendrik Muller Szn        56,63,

Frentzel                                   68,

G.Pollet                                   58,

Ramaix                        61,

F.Bernard                                 9,

Courcelle-Seneuil          10,

Alfred de Foville 12,13,

Henri Cernuschi 15,

Huygens                                  12,

Amerikaanse spoorwegen          17

Amerikaanse consul rapport 1887          23,51,

P.W.A.Cort van der Linden         17,

Bismarck                                 19,43,

Beaujon                                   47,69,

Vissering                                  73,

Th.Waller                                 68, Fontenay              26,

Th.Bart                         30,

president Cleveland       30,

William Sumner            32, : "Protectionism" Puynode               37,

Sir Charles Palmer        37,

Kabinet Salisbury          47,

Lord Churchill                47,

George W.Medley         48,49; "England the home of protection" 71; "Fairtrade unmasked"

Bastiat                         73,74,

Van Houten                  78,

Augustus Mongredien    80; "Freetrade and English Commerce"


C.T.Stork:         De Twentsche Katoennijverheid hare vestiging en uitbreiding, Herinneringen en wenken, M.J.van der Loeff, Eenschede 1888 (103p.)

No reference to List


PRACTICALLY ORIENTED: a point of view from his own firm

Maastricht        70,

Peel                             70,

Cobden             24,70,

H.Tydeman                   34,

Vissering                      83 Heek      93

Thorbecke                    40,42,43,47,49,54,61,103

German goods  40,42,43,47,

Hogendorp                    49,55,56,

Hendrik Muller Szoon    49,

Pollet               98

P.A.S.van Limburg Brouwer       50,

Spoorwegen en industrie                       61,

bescherming                 71,

protectie                                   95,100

free trade                      100

regulaton                                  93 ff

List of new industry       80 ff



De Economist,

uitgegeven van J.L.De Bruyn Kops, H.L.Smits, 'S Gravenhage:

1888: vol.37:

J.D'Aulnis de Bourouill: Russische handelspolitiek, pp.38-53

H.B.Greven:                              Immigratie van Werklieden en vrijhandel, pp.116-132

J.G.Schölvinck:             De protectionisten verdedigd, pp.234-242

N.G.Pierson:                            Antword aan Mr.J.G.Schölvinck, pp.243-250

S.van Citters (De vereeniging "Het Buitenland"):

                                               Uitgebreding van handlesbetrekkingen met den vreemde, pp. 666-673

M.Mees:                                  Eenige lichtpunten voor het stelsel van vrijhandel, pp.81-83

S.van Citters:                            Bescherming in verkeerde richting (invoerecht en accijns op azijn), pp. 181-186


A.Beaujon:                   Handel en Handelspolitik, H.D.Tjeenk Willink, Haarlem 1888

Beaujon mentions:

List p. 89-109,

Fair trade 141-154

Piersin 128

Diepen 135

Greven 135

Protection 110-135



De Economist,

uitgegeven van J.L.De Bruyn Kops, H.L.Smits, 'S Gravenhage:


1889, vol. 38:

A.Beaujon:                               Een leerboek van protectionisme (A.Diepen: De jongste uitingen), pp.708-720

J.D'Aulnis de Bourouill:  Het economisch pessimisme, pp.346-268

N.G.Pierson:                            Niuewe uitgaven (Quack and Beaujon), pp.47-57




The following four pamphlets, by Vereeiniging van den Nationalen Arbeid, Doornbosch, Talens and Harte, are collected in one book


Brochure van de Vereeiniging van den Nationalen Arbeid              gevestigd te Utrecht in verband met de Financiële voorstelllingen van den Minister van Financen, W.Boekhoven, Sommelsdijk 1906 (11p.)

Ministerie Kuyper          3

J.Doornbosch:   Beschermende rechten (Protectionisme) in Nederland, Wat wil het?
Wat doet het? Wat is het? Waarnaar streeft het? Beanword door J.Doornbosch te Bafflo, Lange, Veendam 1895 (101p.)

No reference to List

No index

Oud-minister van Finincien van der Heim 5

Internationale vs natinale staatshuishoudkunde   8

Washington, Jefferson, Metternich, Nesselrode, Thiers, Disraeli, Gambetta, Freycinet8

Freycinet                                                         8

Deputy Paul Deschanel             9

Cort van der Linden                               17,26,63

Regout in Maastrcht                              19

H.H.Stork in Twente                              19

Walewski, Garnier,Lcouvreur      21

Mees                                                               24

Minister Röll                                         27,29,68

Minister Pierson                                   27,28,

Perish the country, long live the free trade principle         36

Levy                                                    37,64,65,,97

Hogendorp                                                       68

Modderman, Reinders                           69

Hope & Co (same Hope as in A.Smith's wealth of nations) 70

Spoorwegen                                         71

Malthus                                                           84,87,

Veegens                                                          90

oud-ministers baron Mackay      92

Hintzen                                                92

Spandaw                                                         97,98

M.Talens:                                 Nederlanders, die vijanden van hun eigen land zijn. Vrijhandel of Bescherming? Een stem uit de praktijk door M.Talens Hzn., - Fabrikant te Apeldorn. Wekker, Apeldoorn 1905 (51p.)

No reference to List

No index


Practically oriented book against free trade, but also against Treub see p.41

Mentions many Dutch factories/companies


Prof. Treub                    40,41,44,45

Hovi                                         40

Mr v.R.                         3

Jannink                        4,13,20,

anti-protectionist M.H.   20,21,

Prof.Reiger                   5

B.Cohen                                   6 (Leerboek der Staatshuis...)

Muysken                                  6

Laudrillard                     9

Prof. von Bartels            9

Prof. Drefegger  9

Prof. Karl Raupp            9

Prof. D'Aulnis                20,41,

van Niedorp                   25,26,51,

Prof. de Louter  27

Z.Hooggel                                 28,

Dr.Kuyper                                 29

Lucas Bols                   36

van Houten                   36

Harte                            21,44,45,,46,


J.J.I.Harte:                    Vrijhandel en Bescherming door J.J.I.Harte, Lid van de Tweende Kamer der Staten-Generaal, J.Cikot, voorheen Zwaan, 'S-Gravenhage 1890 (101p.)

No reference to List

Minister and protectionist !!! critisism of Pierson and Beaujon

table of contents in the back

chapter one on free trade or protection

            part four is critisism of free trade p.27

            part five is on the wealth of people          p.51

chapter one on the monetarist fallacy of mercantilism

I have only listed references of the first part


I am protectionist          4

mercantilisme               7

national point of view      14

Henry Carey                             37

August Oncken                         37,

Roesler                                    54,

Fawcett                                               14

Pierson                        3,4,6,11,13,14,17,21,22,26,31,34,36,39,43,54,58,

Beaujon                                   14,17,20,24,25,29,31,33,36,39,40,42n,46,48,49,53,

Mees                                       22,24,46,

Vissering                                  43

Smith                           5,7,11,12,21,39,49,52,54,56,

Ricardo                        21,

Blanqui                         5

Say                                         5,12,30,36,

Mill                                          7,12,16,18,21,24,28,30,37,42,53,

Veegens                                  7

Goethe                         8

W.T.Krug                                 32,

Bülau                           9

Tydeman                                  10

Turgot                          11,

second part includes almost only references to Pierson and Beaujon and perhaps interesting:

V.Schlüber        73


M.J.Pijnappel:   Arbeid en Bescherming, Lid van de twende kamer der Staaten-General, J.H.& G.van Heteren, Amsterdam 1897

No reference to List

Influential pamphlet, no authors mentioned


Een Industrieel: Vrijhandel of Bescherming in Nederland?  H.D.Tjeenk Willink & Zoon, Haarlem 1897

Influential pamphlet, no authors mentioned

Dirck Bos:                    Het Protectionisme, Tweende herziene en bijgewerkte druk, (Gedrukt voor de leden der vereeniging "
Het Vrije Ruilverkeer"), De Nederlandsche Boek- en Steendrukkerij, 'S Gravenhage 1898  (78p.)

No register

Truyen (protectionist)     8,

Cremer                                     7,

Dobbelmann                             7,24,27,42,43,

C.T.Stork                                             14,39,

Fransen van de Putte     15,

Bourouill                                              24,

Schilthuis                                 24,63,

Mansholt                                              24,

Pierson                                    24,

Bijmholt                                               25,

De Lange                                             35,

graaf Knitz                                60,

Leon Say                                             63,

Claudio Jannet                          62,

Aymar                                      62,

Charles Roux                            63,

Meline                                      63,

S.van Houten                            74,

J.Willink                                               76,

D.Bos:              Vrijhandel, pro, in: "Pro et Contra", Betreffende Vraagstukken van Algemeen Belang ..., Present-Exemplar, Speciale Uitgave van de ... Tariefenvereeniging ..., Hollandia-Drukkerij, Baarn 1907

Pamphlet, No authors mentioned


J.van Dusseldorp:          Drie Stelsels van Handelspolitek, H.D.Tjeenk Willink & Zoon, Haarlem 1900

List                              9,10,12,13,14,25,76,

Carey               23,25,

Navigation Act   10,11,12,

McCulloch                    3,10,71,

Smith               3,9,11,17,18,21,22,45,

Say                              5,7,13,14,18,20,21,25,26,35,

T.Cooper                      7,

J.J.I.Harte         9,

Pierson             17,25,26,28ff,33,37,38ff,64,75,

Verri                 17,

Pijnappel                      18,26,

Wereldrepublik  18,

Schölvinck        27,

J.S.Mill             27,

Bastiat             43,

S.Van Houten   78, (Free trader)


J.van Dusseldorp:          Vrijhandel, contra, in: "Pro et Contra", Betreffende Vraagstukken van Algemeen Belang ..., Present-Exemplar, Speciale Uitgave van de ... Tariefenvereeniging ..., Hollandia-Drukkerij, Baarn 1907

Pamphlet which mentions several newspaper articles

Carey               10,

Brentano                      11,

Struve               15,

Zimmerman                  16,

Hengelo                        18,

Smissaert                     18,

Bastiat             1,3,

Pierson             3,6

de Meester       3,

Harte                4,8,

Tollens             4,

de Bourouill       6,

Diepen              9,

S.Van Houten   18,


J.van Dusseldoorp:        De voordelen van invoerrechten en de weg tot verkrijging of benadering van den vrijhandel, H.D.Tjeenk Willink & Zoon N/V, Haarlem 1930

Pamphlet which refutes the claims of the freetraders point by point

Brentano                      9,

Smith               9,10,

McCulloch                    9,10,


H.Smissaert:                Spoorwegstaakingen en Staats-explotatie van Spoorwegen, Onze Eeuw, Vol.3,  part 2, de erven F.Bohn, Haarlem 1903, pp. 881-913


H.Smissaert:                Vrijhandel of Zwakke Bescherming? Een word van verweer tegen het praeadvis van den Heer J.van Dusseldorp AMzn, by the secretary of the Dutch union of employers, Mouton & Co., 'S Gravenhage 1904 (26p.)

Dusseldorp                   1,4,7,

minister Harte               13,15,17,23,


H.Smissaert:     Staatsexplotatie van Spoorwegen, contra, in: "Pro et Contra", Betreffende Vraagstukken van Algemeen Belang ..., Serie III, No.2, Hollandia-Drukkerij, Baarn 1907

Macalester Loup           25,

Savornin Lohman           26,

Yves Guijot                   40,


H.Smissaert:                Vrijhandel en welvaart,Onze Eeuw, Vol.3, part 4, de erven F.Bohn, Haarlem 1903, pp. 715-750

H.Smissaert:     Vrijhandel en Welvaart, Overdruk van "Onze Eeuw", November 1903, De Erven F.Bohn, Haarlem, 1903

Chamberlain      1,

Sickenga                      2,

Willem I                        3,21,

Portielje                        5,

Bourouill                       8,

Aalberse                       8,

J.Kuiper                        10,

A.Sauerbeck     10,

M.Mees                        16,

K.v.K.te Hengelo           24,

Pierson             30,

J.H.H.Hülsmann            32,


H.Smissaert:     The Dutch Tariff Scheme, in: The Burden of Protection, An International Repudiation of the Gospel of Artificial Scarcity, Magazine of the International Free Trade League, Published for the Free Trade League, P.S.King & Son, Orchard House, Westminster, July 1912, pp. 47-56

Harte                52

M.Sayous                     52

Smissaert                     56


M.W.F.Treub:    Vrijhandel en bescherming voor Nederland, Scheltema & Holkema's boekhandel, Amsterdam 1904

List                              55,60,61,62,

Brentano                      87,

Wagner            87,

Dietzel              87,

Colbert             11,55,56,

Carey               55,

E.Levasseur      11,56,

Dusseldorp       13,30,50,52,56,85,

Cromwell                      56,

Hendrik 4                      11,56, Witt                      67,

Kuyper             94,97

Jos.Jacobson    88,

Van Rees                     67,

Laspeyres                    69,

Mayo-Smith      70,

W.E.J. Berg      71,

O.Pringsheim    71,

Blanqui             56,

W.Cunningham 56,

Pijnappel                      85,86,

P.N.Muller        86,

G.Fagniez                    11,

P.J.M.Alberse   53,92,

Plate                99,

Tecklenburg      99,102,

Eugénr Regout  103,

P.Stubmann      63,

Ricardo             9,10,12,13,14,15,

Smith               15,

Fourier              50,

Harte                19,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,42,43,46,47,49,

Pierson             20,26,36,55,56,103,

Minister Harte   103,107,

C.Raedt                        107,

Diepen              29,30,

Schölvinck        30,

een industrieel   38,

C.T.Stork                      72,

A.Ledeboer       72,

Beaujon                        72,78,82,83,

Sickenga                      73,

Portielje                        73,

H.J.Koenen       73,

E.H.v.Baumhauer          73,

Smissaert                     74,94,

J.D.Rodenburg  76,

Hogendorp                    87,

Heine               96,


D.R.Mansholt:   Vrijhandel, Fiscaliteit of Bescherming? Een waarschuwend woord aan den Nederlanden Landbouw, P.Nordhoff, Groningen 1904 (34p.)

van Houten                   8,10,20

Pierson                        10

Zangwill                                    21

an article by the minister-president on protectionism       14

an article by van Houten in the German "Die Nation"        20


D.R.Mansholt:*  inledingen aantekningen tot: Jules Domergue, Het Bankroet der Vrijhandelsleer, met eene

NB !!!                voorede van L.L.Klotz, Te Groningen bij H.L.van der Klei, 1909 (147p.)

No register and no table of contents

Critisism of French free traders

Klotz was president of the parliamentary customs commision !!!

Only looked at the introduction by Mansholt pp.1-31

Bismarck's evangelium  2

USA the richest land because of protection         3

the comedy of free trade            6

sponsorship of free trade scholars by rich Dutch merchants14

French liberalists

LeRoy Beaulieu             2

Michel Chevalier            2

Joseph Garnier              2

Sismonin                                  2

Klotz                            13

Cobden                        14

Molinari                        8

Lord Milner                   15,

Lord Avebury                 15,

Bonar Law                                15,

Lloyd George                16,

Heringa                        18,

minister Kuyper 20,

Bülow                           38


Jules Simon                  42

Say                                         43

Krantz                          43

M.Mees                                   45


U.G.Schilthuis:  Staatsexplotatie van Spoorwegen, pro, in: "Pro et Contra", Betreffende Vraagstukken van Algemeen Belang ..., Serie III, No.2, Hollandia-Drukkerij, Baarn 1907


P.A.Diepenhorst:           Vrijhandel en bescherming, G.J.A.Ruys, Utrecht 1911 (43p.)

LIST                                                    26

Bismarck                                             18

Schmoller                                            30 (Grundriss) 40 (Hadelspolitik)

Richard Ehrenberg                    40 (Handelspolitik)

van Houten                               31 (Onze handelspolitiek)

Treub                                       23,25,42

Colbert                                     28

Louvois                                    28

Liefmann                                              18,19,20

Jenks                                       19,

R.van der Borght                       35

Baumgarten                              19,20

Evert                                        22

Meszlény                                             19,20,

Bücher                                     19,

Struve                                      36

Cunningham                             28

Curtis                                       28

Levasseur                                            28

Say                                                     23

Wisbaut                                               19,

Smissaert                                            26

Pierce                                      19

Beaujon                                               42

Pierson                                    20,21,27,38

De Meester                              38

Harte                                       21

Dusseldorp                               21

Minister Kolkman                      3

Minister Betz                            39

Minister Sprenger van Eyck       38

ministerie Roël              38

ministerie Thorbecke     39

Vrolik                                       39

van Bosse                                39

van der Vlugt                            4

Smissaert                                            4

Barth                                       4

van Citters                                5

van Strijen                                7

de varick                                              7

von Heijking                              8

von Raffel                                 8

Melon                                      9

van Becker                               9

Brentano                                              11

Bastiat                                     11

Fontano-Russo                         12,13

Pijnappel                                              15,

van der Schalk                          17

d'Aulnis de Bourouill      17

Havemeyer                                           17

Upton Sinclair                           17

van der Golz                             32

Sering                                      32

Grunzel                                    33

Minister Huskinson                   40

R.Peel                                     40

Gladstone                                            40

Chevalier                                              40

Napoleon III                              40

Bastiat                                     40

Dunoyer                                               40

Obreen                                     41


P.A.Diepenhorst:           Beginselen der vrijhandelsleer, Wetenschapelijke samenkonst op 2 juli 1924, W.Kirchner, Amsterdam 1924 (27p.)

National and cosmopolitical       24

Hecht                           25 (the real wealth of nations)

Arno Friederichs            25

Ernst Oberfohren           25

Pesch                          25

Cunningham                 26

Tausig                          26

Truchy                          26

von Tyska                                 26

Sigmund Schilder          27 (Mitteleuropa und Meistbegunstigung)

F.Lusensky                  27 (Meistbegunstigung)

Cobden                        5

de Varick                                 5

Vanderlint                     7,8

Josiah Tucker               7,8

Edmund Burke              8

A.Smith                                   9,23

Thomas Cooper             23

James Bonar                7

Friderich Raffel  7

Julius Becker                7

Hermann Becker                       7

Hermann Levy               7

Grambow                                 7

Biermann                                 7

Bastiat                         10,22

John Prince-Smith         10

Ricard Cobden              10,14

Norman Angell              14

Ricardo                        13

John Bright                   10

Bamberger                               10,

C.A.Verrijn Stuart          11

Prof.van Gijn                 12,13,

Wilhelm Gerloff  16

Marx                                        16,17,18,

Lasalle                         17

Bismarck                                 17

Wibaut                         18

Julius Kaliski                19

Wilhelm Kolb                19

Richar Calwer               19

Max Schippeln              19,20

Etienne Buisson            19

Minster-president Branting                     19

Albert Thomas              19

Groen van Prinsterer      20

Minster Thorbecke                    20

 van Bosse                                            20

 van Zeylen                                22

van Nyevelt                               22

Dr Kuyper                                            23


P.A.Diepenhorst:*         Eerherstel der actieve handelspolitiek, (theorie en practijk), Uitgegeven door de vereeniging voor actieve handelspolitiek, N.V.Dagblad en drukkerij de Standard, Amsterdam 1928 (192p.)

No index, table of contents in the back


Schmoller                     12

European federation                  35 by Dr.van der Waerden !!!

Ludvig Quessel                         36 (Das Britische Dpppoelspiel)


A.Heringa:                    Freetrade and Protectionism in Holland, H.D.Tjenk Willink & Zoon, Haarlem 1914 (Heringa was then secretary of the Dutch Freetrade Union "Het Vrije Ruilverkeer").

LIST                61,78,120

Bismarck                                             121,130,

Schmoller                                            121,151,

Treschner                                             126,150,

Bethman-Hollweg                      149

Colbert                                     117,

Colbertism                                129,

mercantilism                             129,

neo-mercantilism                      132,137,138,

Emeric de Crucée                     135,142,

Yves Gygot                              148,

William I                                              2

Dusseldorp                               25,26,

protection                                 3,63, etc.: all over the book

export duies abolished   7

Dutch protectionist movement influenced by the German 10

Bahlman                                              10,

Dobbelman                                           11,

Pierson                                    16,

Harte van tecklenburg    16,

Kolkman                                              19,75,88,

lex Kolkman                             147,

Pijnappel                                              26,

Mansholt                                              27,

Gogel                                       33,

Heemskerk                                          58,59,

Kuyper                                     58,59,65,

Cosmopolitanism and free trade 61

Cobden                                    61,103,154,

Chamberlain                             153,

Franklin Peirce              93,

Gothein                                    98,102,

d'Aulnis de Bourouill      114


A.D.C.van de Velde:*     Friedrich List en zijn strijd voor het nationale, Akademisch proefschrift, Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam, Drukkerij Libertas, Rotterdam 1918 (99p.)

Promotor: Diepenhorst

table of contents in the back

chapter two is called List's efforts to make Germany large47

note: p.84:" first in Bodin we meet the man who first dealt with economic factors."

I did not go through this book as I saw no reason to since List is the theme of it.


Raphael Polak:*            Wering van vreemden invloed uit nationale ondernehmingen, proefschrift Amsterdam, Bussy, Amsterdam 1918 (168p.)

Promotor: Prof. Molster

No index, table of contents in the front

Only listed "interesting names"

Schmoller                     2,3,7,10,15,16,22,23,

minister Treub               120


Conclusions      161: more protection


Kaufmann         61 (Die Entwicklung der französischen Volkswirtschaft in den ZLtzten jahrzehnten, ASS, 1909)

Koch                71 (Handelskriege und Wirtschaftsexpansion, Jena 1917, and: Der Wirtschaftskrieg, Fischer, Jena)

Ischchanian      72 Die ausländischen Elemente in der Russischen Volkswirtschaft, Berlin 1913)

Wysgodzinski   73 Die nationalisierung der Volkswirtschaft, Tübingen 1917

Borchardt                     74 Die Handelsgesteze der Erdballs, 1906, sub: Russland

Leubuscher       120 Die Nationalisierung des Kapitals, Jahrbuch ASS, Band XLII, 1917, p.531


W.M.F.Mansvelt:           Geschiedenis Van De Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij, 2 vol., Haarlem 1922-24


J.H.Vleeschouwer:        Actieve Handelspolitiek, feiten en uitkomsten, Uitgegeven door de Nederlansche vereeniging voor vrijhandel, Martinus Nijhoff, 's-Gravenhage 1927 (251p.)

(the Society for Free Trade found the gifted economist J.E.Vleeschouwer (1896-1973) prepared to undertake a project of empirical research ... into the conseqeunces of trade protection for countries that had opted for such a policy in the recent past. Vleeschouwer's results appeared in a book entitled Actieve handlespolitiek.

No Index, no list of literature, table of contents in the front


Henry George:              Protectie of Vrijhandel, W.J.Thieme & Cie, Zutphen 1930


No references to List, only to Cobden, Summer, Smith, Malthus, Rogers, Mill, Bright, Greely


W.C.Mees:                   Hoofdstukken der Economie, De Waardeleer en hare beteekenis voor der welvaart, De Eerven F.Bohn, Haarlem 1930 (174p.)

No reference to List

protection         125

Ricardo             47

Handel              69

Smith               61,69

W.C.Mees:                   Reëele Economie, Noodzakelijke grondslag voor iedere constructive welvaartspolitiek, H.Veenman & Zonene, Wageningen 1936 (366p.)

No references to names

Handelspolitiek  20,125,189,310

bescermingscomitée     91

Does not seem to be any reference to List Graaff:                  Autarkie, Dichting und Wahrheit,  Nederlandsche Vereeniging voor Vrijhandel, no. 71 and 72, 'S Gravenhage, April and May 1933 (30+38 pages)

part I

Weltwirtschaft en nationalwirtschaft        12 ff

part II

Schrijver                                   11

Padmos                                   15


K.E.van der Mandele:    Het liberalisme in Nederland, Schets van de ontwikkeling in de negentiende eeuw, Van Loghum Slaterus' Uitgeversmaatschappij N.V., Arnhem 1933 (237p.)


No reference to List

Diepenhorst                  182v n, 186, 227 Vrankrijker:     Mercantilisme en koloniale expansie, N.V.Boord-Hollansche Uitgevers Maatschappij, Amsterdam 1941 (98p.) MU 53 F 3 Vrankrijker: Geschiedenis van de belastingen, Fibula - van Dishoeck, Bussum 1969 (112p.)

Index and table of contents in the back

No reference to List

bescherming     15,16,74,88

describes the Dutch discussion 15 ff

Duitse socialisten (katheder)                  88

Treub                                                               88,89


L.J.Zimmermann:          Geschiedenis van het economisch denken, 1947, vijfde herziene druk, uitgeverij Albani, den Haag 1957


List      121, 131

Chapter V on the Historical School         pp.118-132


H.C.R.Wright:   Free trade and Protectionism in the Netherlands 1816-1830, A study of the first Benelux, Cambridge at the University Press 1955

Index does not list List


LIST     ix                     concerning Willem I's system: "Some have seen in it an anticipation of List's `National System';[1] others merely a belated mercantilism."

L.H.Janssen:                Vrijhandel, protectie en tolunie, een kwantitatief theoretische analyse, Proefschrift aan de Katolieke Hogeschool te Tilburg 1960, Deko-druk, Tilburg 1960 (181p.)

Promotor: Dr.D.B.J.Schouten

No reference to List

Smith               1

Graham                        18

Schouten                      24,25,153,159,

de Roos                       28,159

Verdoorn                      32,63,73,76,86,105,128,136,

Marshall                       64,

Meerhaeghe      85,

Scitovsky                     120,122,123,126,

W.A.Lewis                    125,157

J.Viner              126,

I.Morriset          130,

A.A.J.Smulders 131

Allen and Hicks 153      

H.Makower                   156

G.Morton                      156


Irene Hasenberg Butter: Academic Economics in Holland, 1800-1870, Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague 1969.

No index

No reference to List but several to the German kameralists and to the German Historical School


J.J.Krabbe:                   Historisme in economisch denken, Opvattingen van de historische school in de economie, Van Gorcum, Assen 1983

No reference to List

Mentions only the German School but in two instances Dutch economists:

Drunen                         x

Stuivenberg       155-156

Diepenhorst      162-163

Thurlings           16, 21, 134, 167


J.Pelkmans:                 Vrijhandel of protectionisme, Een Europa dat openstaat voor de wereld, Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming, SMO-boek, 1985 (140p.)

No index,

This is a book on post WW II history

Does not even mention Ricardo, in fact no authors at all except for public reports

section 4,3 Remmende protectie p.51 same as above

neoprotectionism           66,68,132

section 5.3: arguments for protectionism p.70

Smith, Ricardo, Bastiat, List Mill are metioned in one and the same sentence and that's it.71

Zollverein                                              80

USA and Germany built on protection     85

Cooper (1972)                                                              97

5.6.2 Euro-protectionisme                                 98


J.Pelkmans:                 Vrijhandel of protectionisme, Een Europa dat openstaat voor de wereld, Korte weergave, Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming, SMO-boek, 1985 (16p.)

Nothing of interest


G.Criel: The Infant Industry Argument for Protection, A Reevaluation, De Economist 133, Nr.2, 1985, pp.199-217,


G.Criel wrote in 1985 an essay on the infant industry argument that,

            "It is sometimes suggested that Carey, List and Hamilton formulated the first modern, dynamic versions of the infant industry argument. In fact, their approach was classic, albeit integrated in a more global framework of commercial policy. Johnson and Graham made the first real attempts to incorporate the argument in a global theory of trade. Manoilesco went some steps further and developed a comprehensive theory of protection and trade."



Maarten van Beek:        Hamilton, List en het opvoedingsargument, proefschrift vrieje universiteit te Amsterdam, Druk DNB 1987, Amsterdam 1987

Jan van Daal and Arnold Heertje:  Economic thought in the Netherlands: 1650-1950, Avebury, Aldershot 1992


LIST                79,104

Carey   52

            Th.van Tijn:       Dutch Economic Thought in the seventeenth Century, in van Daal and Heertje

            J.R.Zuidema:     Economic Thought in the Netherlands between 1750 and 1870, in van Daal and Heertje

Justi     32,34,69,

Roscher            46

Carey   52


            B.D.Elzas:        1870-1950: Growing Away From Provincialism, in: van Daal and Heertje

LIST     79

             Arnold Heertje:  Nicolaas Geraard Pierson, in van Daal and Heertje

LIST     104

Roscher            114


A.Wagner         121

            M.H.J.Dullart:    The Embarrassment of Freedom, in van Daal and Heertje


C.Paulien van den Tempel, Truus van der Horst (eindredactie):                                   'Bananenspilt' in Europa, Protectionisme versus liberalisme in het Europese bananbeleid, Caribische Wekgroup AWIC, Univeriteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam 1994 (232p.)

List of literature p.201

Nothing on List or any Germans

 chapter on trade-theory  7

Smith               7

Ricardo             7

Mill                              7,13

infant industry as Mill's idea       13

other theories mentioned are all 20th century like Heckscher-Olin, Krugman, Bhagwati, Corden




 C.H.E. de Wit:  De Strijd Tussen Aristocratie en Democratie in Nederland 1780-1848, N.V.Uitgeverij Winants, Heerlen 1965


J.W.Schulte Nordholt and Robert P.Swierenga: A Bilateral Bicantannial, A History of Dutch American Relations 1782-1982, Octagon Books, Meulenhoff, Amsterdam 1982

Jan A.van Houte:           An Economic History of the Low Countries 800-1800, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London 1977

Jan A.van Houte:           Economische Geschiedenis van de Lage Landen 800-1800, Fibula-Van Dishoek, Haarlem 1979

E.H.Kossmann: The Low Countries 1780 -1940, Oxford University Press, Oxford 1978

E.H.Kossmann: De Lage Landen 1780/1980, Twee Eeuwen Nederland en België, Deel I 1780-1914, elsevier, Amsterdam/Brussel 1986



S.C.Bellar:                    Afrikaners en Nederlanders, A'dam 1896 (157p)

A.J.Bruwer:                   Protection in South Africa, University of Pennsylvania dissertation-thesis 1922, Stellenbosch 1923

W.van Citters:               Zuid-Afrika voor en na Dr. Jameson's inval in de Transvaal, W.P.van Stockum en Zoon, 's-Gravenhage 1897

Samuel Evans:              Preference and Protection in South Africa, in: The Burden of Protection, An International Repudiation of the Gospel of Artificial Scarcity, Magazine of the International Free Trade League, Published for the Free Trade League, P.S.King & Son, Orchard House, Westminster, July 1912, pp. 82-106.

J.H.Hofmeyr & F.W.Reitz: The Life of Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (onze Jan), Van de Sandt de Villiers Printing Co., Ltd, Cape Town 1913

C.B.Spuyt:                   Afrikaners en Nederlanders, Bussy, Amsterdam en Pretoria 1899

W.van der Vlugt:           Transvaal contra Groot-Britannië, Bussy, Amsterdam en Pretoria 1899



 1856, 1 p.70-129

P.N.Muller: Moderne Alchymie, Eene Handelsstudie, The Life of P.T.Barnum, Edwin T.Freedley: How to get money, Sam.Bud­gett, the successful merchant

Luzac   120

Ricardo 122,124

Rotshild            103,122,124


1856 2 p.620-667 and 718-770

P.N.Muller: Het Vrijandel-congress te Brussel 22,23,24 en 25 septem­ber 1856

Smith               623

Mr.D                 623,624

Say                  623

Portielje            624

161 persons present:

The famous protectionist from Köln: Rittringhausen         625

C.Dunoyer                    625

A.Blanqui                     625

Horace Say                  625

J.Garnier                      625

Wolowski                     625

Duchataux                    625

Colonel Thompson 625

James Wilson   625

Corr                             625

Molinari                        625

Vissering                                  628

Turgot                          632

Peel                             632

Elink Sterk        634

Mullendorf                     644

Mathyssen                   653

Reepmaker                   653

Malakoff                       647

Ackersdijk                    649

Willem I                        654

Catteaux-Wattel            664

Agie                             664

etc etc


Second part:


Cobden             718

"Persoonlijke niederigheid en nationale fierheid, de erste het gevolg van de laatste, ze springen ons hier als dedelijk in het oog, en ze geven ons eene juste karakteristiek van date krach­tige volk, wartoe Cobden het zich teregt eene eere rekent te behoeren. De glrorie des Vaderlands boven alles, maar darin tevens zijne eigne glorie te stellen, 't is het keeenmerk van den even nationalen als egoistischen Brit."718

Peel                 719

d'Israeli 719

"De Anti-Cron League was Cobden's wapen tegen onregt en onver­stand, en meesterlijk wist hij dat wapen te hanteren."719

 "Beschermend blijvt England"                724

 Pruissen's Tolverbond    731 ff -735

Bamberg                      732

Handelsminister Bruck   734

Freetraders and protectionists agree that rapid railroads are needed754

Carey   756

Rittringhausen   766

Cieskowski: aidez a faire, aidez a developper      767

1858 1  p.130-141, P.J.Veth: review of Roscher's Kolo­nien...1856,

Mentions: Rau, Hansen


P.N.Muller: review of books on railroads by J.G.W.Fijne, Bijdrage tot de kennis der nederlandsche Spoorwegen, en bijlagen daartoe behoorende, Blussé en Van Braam, Door­drecht 1858, and by a commision led by Zwolle, pp.473-476

Thorbecke         473

1858 2 pp. 828-830, review by M. of A.Belifante: Handel en nijv­erheid, Het Tarief, 'S Gravenhage 1858,

becherming       828

beschermde fabrieken in Vlaanderen      830


1859 2 p.530-566 P.N.Muller: Spoorwegen         (railroads)

Time is money shouts the Americans     530

Napoleon          534

Fulton, Watt, Stevenson, Arkwright, Hargraves    534

No economists mentioned


1860 2 pp.741-759 P.N.Muller: Nederlands Handelspolitiek

 Germany          743,753

Custons union   744 ff 748,749,753

protection                     750

J.H.C.Bley                    746,752,755


1861 1 pp.301-322 T.M.C.Asser: de Kluisters van Rhenus (5 books on the customs on the Rhine, all from 1860)

No economists mentioned


1862 1  pp.588-595 N.G.Pierson: review of roscher's Ansichten .. ,1861

Kosmopolitical and mathematical school vs the historical school 588

J.S.Mill and Lorenz Stein vs Roscher and Knies  588

Knies    589,594

Smith   590

Kapitalvoorming 590

Zie        591

Buckle 591

Schäffle            591

Carey                           594

Peshine Smith  594

Malthus                        594


1863 1 pp.401-434 S.van Houten: Kritiek der practische Staats­huishoudkunde, review of Vissering's Handboek

Friedrich List   403!!!

Knies               404,432,

historical school            403,404,405

Pickford                        410

Mill                              410,415,416,417,420,421,427,

Smith                           416


1864 2              pp.424-442 P.N.Muller: Een Handelsverslag

Napoleon          424

No authors mentioned


1864 3              pp.393-435 N.G.Pierson: Het Begrip van Volks­rijkdom

Already covered in its pamphlet version:


N.G.Pierson:                 Het begrep van volksrijkdom, P.N.van Kampen, Amsterdam 1864

List                              77, 81,

Knies                           81

German economists:     36

Historical school           104

Ganilh                          36

Roscher                                   20,22,23,85,107


1865 3              pp.112-135 P.N.Muller: Ricard Cobden

Palmerston       114

"Het aristocratische en den Mammon aanbiddende Engeland"     114

his rich friends John Bright         114,122

Peel     128,130,133

Lord Russel      130


1866 2  pp.1-17 R.G.Philipson: De Engels-Amerikanische geschil­len I


1866 3  pp.185-210 S.van Houten: De Staatshuihoudkunde als wetenschap en kunst

Seems to contrast Vissering and Rossi and List

 LIST                201,202,

 Stahl                207,208

Groen               208

Whewell           186

Whately            204

Bruyn Kops       186,197

Rees                187,189

Vissering          188,189,191,197,198,199,200,201,202

Say                  188

Lasalle  190

Smith, Say, Lasalle, Malthus, Ricardo, Mill, Blanqui, Rossi, Bastiat, Chevalier, Boudrillart, Rau, Roscher192

Rossi               195,196,198,199,

Opzoomer         200,

Smith               201


1866 3  pp.353-288 N.G.Pierson: Fredrich List en zijn tijd

Many references to List of course

German railroads           370

National system            372

Pressed by Roscher, Hildebrand, Stein   375

List no unconditional protectionist          376

List's inconsequenct protectionism                    382


1866 3  pp.457-475 S.Vissering: Eene oude kwestie

                        review of W.­E.Hearn: Plutology, or the theology of the efforts to satisfy human wants

attack on Houten above: he makes faults since he does not know Hearn

LIST                474

Roscher            470/471 (Grundlagen)

Carey               459,461,465,467,474

Ricardo 458,461,465,467,471

Smith               458,464,467,469,470,471

Senior              458,464,472

Say                  467,469,471

Macleod           468

Richelot            468

Josheph Garnier            468

Rosseau           469

Quesnay           469,470

Mill                   458,461,464,467.471

McCulloch        464,471

Bastiat  459,461,465,471

Malthus            465,467,472

Malthus natural selection           460

Baco                466,472

Kluit                 470

Sismondi                      471

Paracelsus       473

Helmont            473

Brown               473

Broussais         473

Fourier  474

Cabet               474


1866 4  pp.332-339 S.Vissering: Bezijden de kwestie?

de Bosch Kemper         332,333,334,335,338

van Doorn                                 333

Heemskerk                               334

Keuchenius                              335

Mijer                                        335


1868 1  pp.23-50 N.G.Pierson: Economisch Overzicht, Buitenlandsche letterkunde, review of Roscher's Grundlagen .. 1866

LIST     36

Düring              37

Carey               37

Max Wirth         36

Hildebrand        25,26,27,28,29,

Vissering          26,27,

Julius Kautz      28,40

Dunoyer                       31

Ricardo             33,48

Mill                              33

Bastiat             33,36,41,

Blanqui             40

Lasalle             41

Schulze-Delitsch           41

Smith                           42

Mill                              42,48

Knies                           47

Say                              50


1867 4  pp.185-222 N.G.Pierson:  Economisch Overzicht, Buitenlandsche letterkunde, review of, among others, Adolf Held: Carey's Socialwissenschaft und das Mercantilsystem pp.212-218

Pierson defends Ricardo and attacks Carey's "quasi-historical" views and protectionism

LIST                214

Düring                          212

Bastiat             212

Genovesi                      214,215

Galiani Serra     214

Davanzati                     214

Ricardo             215 ff


1868 2  pp.1-29 Viftig jaren der Duitsche Bondgeschidenis I-IV: Oorsprong der bondsregeling van 1815, no author


1868 3  pp.55-86 Viftig jaren der Duitsche Bondgeschidenis V-VII: Het Tolverbond. De pruissche bondspolitiek. no author

No reference to List

Metternich        57

Polignac           60

von Bernstorff    60,61

etc etc


1869 2  pp.230-290 Viftig jaren der Duitsche Bondgeschidenis VIII-XI: Het herstel van den bondsdag en de reactie


1870 3  pp.77-116 Hartog: Saint Simon en de Saint Simonisten, review of Lorenz Stein: geschichte der socialen Bewegung in Frankreich, von 1789 bis auf unseren Tage, 1855


1871 4  pp.79-98 Joh.C.Zimmerman: De Nederlansche Handels-Maatschappij

created by Willem I in 1824        81

Tydeman          89

Blom                79,89,90,92,93,94

1872 3  pp.109-132 van Diesen: Lokale Spoorwegen, review of E.H.Baucke, De goedkoepe aanleg van Lokalspoorwegen, door een voorbeld inn Nederland toegelicht, W.Hulscher, Denveter 1872

No "macro" perspective

J.J.van Kerkwijk 109

S.E.W.Roorda              109       : "Goedkoope spoorwegen"

Hollandsche spoorwegmaatschappij       125

Gunder 126


1874 4  pp.233-274 P.N.Muller: Een Handelsgeschidenis

Leone Levi        233,237

de Rooy            233

de la Court        237,272

Oud. de Vries    233

Hogendorp        237

O.van Rees       237

Luzac               233,237

Bastiat  246

Child                246,248,

Tydeman          273


1875 2  pp.385-440 A.Pierson: Een geschidenis van het materialisme


1876 1  pp.331-345 W.A.van Rees: Onze Hollandsche Broeders in Zuid-Afrika, review of: De Transvaal-Republiek en de Hollansche Boeren. Vrij naar het Hoogduitsch van Merensky, Jeppe, Mauch e.a. voor Nederlanders bewerkt. Amsterdam, Seyffardts Boekhandel.

In the latter pages this article also deals with the Portugese duties on export over Lorenco Maeques in Mocambique

1876 2  pp.524-539 Joh.C.Zimmerman: Het staandbeeld van Thorbecke, a review of three biographies by W.C.D.Olivier, J.A.Levy, J.van Vloten

1878 3  pp.250-280 N.G.Pierson: Het Katheder-socialisme

Many references on German economists of course

LIST     252,

Nederlandsche katheder-socialisten       255,256

Goeman Borgesius                                                       256,262,263,276

l'Ange Huet                                                                  278


1879 3  pp.377-411 N.G.Pierson: Weekkring en Methode der Staatshuishoudkunde,
review of J.A.Levy's critical book on Pierson's understanding of the German historical school.

Smith                           377,387,393,394,408,409,410,

Ricardo             377,409,

Hume                           410

Locke                           410

Malthus                        377,387,

Brentano                      379

Sonnenfels                   386

J.J.Becker                    386

Physiocrats      386,387

Roscher                       386

Leroy-Beaulieu  390

Rau                              392

Quesnay                      393

Melon                           393

S.van Houten    395,398,

organisism                    396

Cairnes             399,

Mill                              400,401,405,406,407,410

B.Weisz                       403


 1879 4  pp.458-497 J.C.M.van Riemsdijk: De Pruisische Spoorweg-politiek

deals with "recent" developments in the 1870s, and hardly with history and background

mentions only politicians, no economists


 1881 1  pp.336-351 P.J.Veth: Onze Tranvaalsche broeders. I

 History of the colony and the relation to the Dutch East india company


1881 3  pp.177-179 J.D'Aulnis de Bourouill: review of G.Heymans: Karakter en methode der Staatshuihoudkunde, S.C.van Doesburgh, Leiden 1880.

J.A.Levy and katheder-socialisme          178,179


1881 3  pp.193-225 R.Feith: De totstandkoming van het Duitsche toltarief van 1879

LIST as the leader of the unification from 1819    199

Bismarck          193 etc

protection         193 etc

mercantilist       195

Napoleon                      197

Carey                           203

Katheder-socialisme      212,221

Schmoller                     214, his role: 216,217,219,221,

Held                             214,221

Roscher                       221

Brentano                      221

Cobden                        214

Chevalier                      214


1881 4  pp.1-62 N.G.Pierson: Belastingshervorming

Chapter I and II deals only with German theory

the rest is mainly practically oriented

Spoorweg                     58

A.Wagner                     1,4,11,

Schäffle                        1,8,20,40,50,

Rudolf Gneist    1,13,14,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,

Neumann                      1,6,8,11,21,

Nasse                          4,12,

Conrad                         1

Gustav Kohn     2

Brentano                      2

Arnold                          2

Kay                              2

Huber                           2

Vocke                          2

Leser                           2

van Houten                   3,44,

Land                            3

Held                             4,13,

von Stein                      17

England; the home of self-gevernment     15

Gogel                           28

Sillem                          28

W.van Konijnenburg       29

Ocatave Noël    50


 1882 2  pp.1-54 H.J.van der Heim: Finantieel staatsbeleid en belastingshervoming


1882 2  pp.385-429 A.Beaujon: Eene bladzijde de geschiedenis van Het protectionisme in Nederland

deals with tariff history after 1815 mainly

Could not find any reference to german authors

Röll                  391,393,395,

Hogendorp        398

Protectie           405,418,425

Duitsche tol      407

Ricardo 409

Cobden             413,415,425,

Peel                 422,424



 De Economist,

uitgegeven van J.L.De Bruyn Kops, H.L.Smits, 'S Gravenhage:

1887, vol.36:

1887 I   De Nederlanders en de Duitschers in de Wereldhandel pp. 444-448

Nasse   446,447,448

1887 I               Het Protectie-stelsel in de vereenigde staaten, pp.96-98

Ford     98

Elliot     98


1887 II: De waarde der nieuwe protectie-beweging, pp.681-685


1887 II: A.D.van Assendelt de Coningh:  Belastinghervorming op historischen grondslag, pp.953-960, review of a book by M.Treub on internal taxes

Gogel   959


1888 Jan           N.G.Pierson:                 Economist Januari 1888

List                              34, 35

Seckendorf                   1,4

North                            1

Boisguillebert and Louis XIV 32,44


1888: vol.37:

1888     J.D'Aulnis de Bourouill: Russische handelspolitiek, pp.38-53

on Russian protectionism against Germany

 LIST                43,44,45,


1888     H.B.Greven:                              Immigratie van Werklieden en vrijhandel, pp.116-132

Malthus                        117

Toubeau                       118

Bernard            119

Pierson             124

Beauregard                   125,131

Mill                              128/9


1888     J.G.Schölvinck:             De protectionisten verdedigd, pp.234-242

 Pierson             234,235,236,238,239

M.Mees                                   235,

Goschen                      236,239,

Hildebrand                    237

Conrad                         237

Patijn                           238


1888     N.G.Pierson:                            Antword aan Mr.J.G.Schölvinck, pp.243-250

Smith               245

Mill                   245

W.C.Mees        245

Goschen           247,249

Baden-Powell    247


1888     S.van Citters (De vereeniging "Het Buitenland"): Uitgebreding van handlesbetrekkingen met den vreemde, pp. 666-673


1888     M.Mees:                                  Eenige lichtpunten voor het stelsel van vrijhandel, pp.81-83

Protectie                                  81

Pres.Cleveland              81

Lord Salisbury               82


1888     S.van Citters:                            Bescherming in verkeerde richting (invoerecht en accijns op azijn), pp. 181-186

Renan              181


1889, vol. 38:

1889     A.Beaujon:                               Een leerboek van protectionisme (A.Diepen: De jongste uitingen), pp.708-720

Nederlandsche neoprotectionisten          709

Pierson             718


1889     J.D'Aulnis de Bourouill:  Het economisch pessimisme, redevoering Rijksuniv. Utrecht, pp.346-268

Donders                       246,266,

Henry George    253,264,265,

Michaël Flürscheim       253

Rosseau                       254

F.Bastiat                      259,260,

Ricardo             261,262,263,264,


1889     N.G.Pierson:                            Niuewe uitgaven (Quack and Beaujon), pp.47-57

Protection         50

Mill                   50


1902     N.G.Pierson:     Het waardeproblem in een socialistische Matschappij, De Economist, vol.41, S'Gravenhage 1902, pp.423-56, reprinted in Verspreide Economische Geschriften edited by C.A.Verrijn Stuart, Haarlem 1910, vol.I, pp.333-77, translated by G.Gardiner and published as The Problem of Value in the Socialist Community in F.Hayek, Collectivist Economic Planning, Routledge and Sons, London 1935, pp. 41-85

Denies what German writers insist on: that there is any relationship between Ricardo and Marx78


1985     G.Criel, The Infant Industry Argument for Protection, A Reevaluation, De Economist 133, Nr.2, 1985, pp.199-217, p.202:

            "It is sometimes suggested that Carey, List and Hamilton formulated the first modern, dynamic versions of the infant industry argument. In fact, their approach was classic, albeit integrated in a more global framework of commercial policy. Johnson and Graham made the first real attempts to incorporate the argument in a global theory of trade. Manoilesco went some steps further and developed a comprehensive theory of protection and trade."