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My favourite programs and bookmarks

My favourite bookmarks - Try my startpages + 012 , 3 and 4.  My complete list of bookmarks is here   

Blue Ribbon Campaign for Free Speech on the Internet

Now Is The Time! (From the Gutenberg Project homepage)
Learn how Bill Clinton's new copyright bills (on an express "fast track" to "spring this legislation") removed one million books from a quarter of a billion people, in the US alone, and what YOU can do to react! Read also "Information Age" . . . For Whom?  - This was done by extending copyrights from 50 to 70 years.

Free programs

For the Web - (FTP uploading to server)  (P2P) Slower but better than torrent if you are lazy, and want to spend less time searching.  (remember passwords etc - no popups, as opposed to Gator) (automatically updates your contact info  - for MS Outlook and Outlook Express) (Anti-spam) - Stop spam on the email server before you download. - Also pro version with some advantages (Anti-virus) - Also pro version with some advantages (Firewall) - Also pro version with some advantages
is an excellent freeware that kills all programs which spy on your web behaviour. In my case it found and stopped more than 900 programs :

Registry tools

In order to tune and twist Windows into behaving the way YOU would prefer, there are many tools available. 
My favourite is free and has a lot of add-ons available:


Regedit is a great site for tuner addicts:

Search your hard-disks

Copernic  Desktop Search (better than the lot, such as Google, Sleuthhound.. )

My old favourite:
(Without all the extras of Enfish Allone that work poorly)


Shareware and buy programs  (shortcuts - program - Superb!!!)

Maintenance programs

System Suite

System Mechanic

Powerdesk PRO (Manage and create order in your PC -  Superb!!!)


Second Copy, a great back up program:

Handy Backup, an even greater back up program:

I use "Second Copy" to do the backups of my document files early in the night before the defragmenting, download it and try it for a month (thereafter $ 30.- ). It also compresses to zip files. Intel uses it as their standard software for backup.

Norton Ghost is superb for backups, also of your master disk, and also direct to CDs is you have a (well known) CD burner.
Some ideas on how to use the program Norton Ghost for backups.

Text scanning

ABBYY FineReader is the best OCR program I have used so far, far better than e.g. Omnipage or others.  ( The Russians seem to be damned good at complex mathematics)


Older stuff:

Some ideas on "Windows management"

For the normal 3 speed problems of Windows try these solutions:

1. The harddisk gets fragmented
Solution: Defragment often !
If you have win 95 , 98 or ME or 2000. Go to
start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/ and then Defragment, I think it is called. 
In any case a stand alone program such as Vcom System Suite will do a better job.
Here is a free program for this purpose. O&O Defrag 2000 Free v3.0.544 is approximately 2 Mbs:,,001BCC,.html

2. Memory gets fragmented
Use my (free) favourite: RAM idle.
for Win 95, 98 ME etc:,,0019MM,.html
for NT & 2000:,,001CPL,.html

3. The registry gets stuffed with false registry entries after a while.
Clean up! You can clean up by using a registry cleaner program. There are many.
Microsoft's program is small and simple and have worked fine for me, but use backup always before you touch the registry.,,000E3I,.html

or use the above maintenance programs, or something more specific, for instance

Registry First Aid

My favourite is (was) a Russian program:
NBG clean registry
or here:,,0019OS,.html

WinOptimizer from Ashampoo:



Do install the Google toolbar
It is THE little shinging diamond here, take some time to explore it, such as its options for advanced search, buttons, toolbarview, searchview etc. Also a very nice feature that goes unmentioned is the "text" option when google finds an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file: This makes it easy to copy the whole text to a text edtor and work with it. Also, Goggle will do translations for you.

A problem with search programs, such as for instance Copernic, is that they search as indisciminately as its components, such as Yahoo. 

The next best search site, I find is:


Britannica Guide:

Search-Engine Watch:

Startsiden (excellent small, fast and content-rich startpage, but in Norwegian):



 European Association of Evolutionary Political Economics:
Association For Evolutionary Economics:
New Institutional Economics Network


JEL - Journal of Economic Literature:
Heterodox Journal Information :

Methodology and History of Economics:

Methodology and History of Economic Thought
History of Economic Thought Sites
History of Economic Ideas, magazine - NB defunct

Economic documents:

Akamak electronic texts on classic writings in economics:
History of Economic Thought Sites

A few of my favourite books in electronic format:

On economic development and trade:

Friedrich List (1841): The National System of Political Economy

John Rae (1834): Statement of Some New Principles on the Subject of Political Economy,
         Exposing the Fallacies of the System of Free Trade, And of some other Doctrines
         maintained in the "Wealth of Nations"

Alexander Hamilton (1791): The Federalist Papers

On financial speculation and crisis:

Charles Mackay (1841): Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions

More business related sites:

Dow Jones Business Directory, Economics
Financial Times Net Resources
Business and Economics Resources

Resources on the web for economists:

Resources for Economists on the Internet
International Economics Gateway
The NetEc Economics Working Paper Archive.
Economics Working Paper Archive.
The Post Keynesian Thought Internet Archive :
SISE Resources for Economic Historians.
Law and Economics Resources:
FinWeb - Financial Markets Resources Web:
Bank for International Settlements:

Great homepages related to the global financial crisis:

Nouriel Roubini's Asian Crisis Home Page
Colin Seymour's Links in Bear & Gold Markets

  • Concerning this matter, see also the only global political group engaged in this for decades:
  • Politics:

    The Schiller Institute (The LaRouche Movement)

    Probably the most politically incorrect site on the web. Although not reliable in all details and sometimes a little too American and journalistic, it contains crucial and often profound info and (in particular) perspective to correct mainstreet infos in western media on a breathtaking list of issues. Beware their linguistics: "British" is short for "international financial oligarchy". Since so many (especially academics) complain that I have a link to the Larouchites on my homepage, you may find an explanation of why here.

    History in general:

    Internat Medieval Sourcebook
    Ancient History
    Perseus list of other links (Ancient cultures)
    ABZU Near and Middle East Ancient Cultures
    Research at German Museums
    The American Revolution Project

    Historical Documents:

    Documents in Law, History and Government - The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
    US historical Documents

    History of science:

    Academic Program in the History of Science
    History of Mathematics on the Web


    Philosophy Resources (of Valdosta State University )
    Armin Fingerhut's links to philosophy:
    The Internet Encyclopedia on Philosophy

    Social Sciences:

    Social Science Information Gateway
    Sociology Sites
    Social Data on the Web


    Historical Documents (Secular Web)
    Antiquarian Book Network
    Antiquarian Booksellers
    German Antiquarian Booksellers (VERY GOOD)
    US Antiquarian Booksellers (VERY GOOD)
    US & British Commonwealth Antiquarian Booksellers (THE BEST FOR ITS LANGUAGE)
    Project Gutenberg (makes all kinds of literature freely available on the web)
    The Online Books Page
    The E-text archive
    Early Church Fathers


    See for hundreds of other links, but here are a few:

    Innovative Transportation Technologies:
    Transrapid links (maglev train):
    Transportation Directories, Glossaries, and Other Internet Resources:
    Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS)
    Transportation links
    The Assocation for European Transport:


    Kidon's The Worlds Newspapers:
    PointCast program downloads in the background while you are surfing; US newspapers, Tech & Financial news:

    Computing programs:

    -For those of us who are fed up with Bill & Co's programs and would prefer an alternative operating system or any server type, which is more stable, much faster, much more flexible, possible to automate and in many cases FREE!
    Although not technically educated, my understanding is that the best alternative to Microsoft's relative monopoly, at the moment, is BeOS or some kind of Unix associated FreeWare (open code) system - at no or negligible cost.
    Of the *nix systems, there are generally two kinds, Linux and Bsd (the cores originally developed by Linus Thorvalds and by the Berkeley Software Distribution group, respectively), which both have their subtypes. The most popular of these are RedHat Linux and FreeBsd (RedHat now "supported" by Netscape, Corel and Sun etc. but FreeBsd reads most Linux appllications). They can be downloaded for free or purchased as sets of 3-4 CDs together with a printed manual for some 40-60 dollars. At these addresses / articles below you may find tons of articles to explain further.
    BeOS is equally inexpensive.

    (Written in 1999) The Maserati OS of the future seems to be BeOS from Be.Inc. due to reliability, flexibility, extreme speed and openness to new technological development, in short 'The Media OS':

    Be related sites:

    Check out these articles

    Why not Windows - Why not Linux:
    CNet search results for BeOS - comparisons of various OSs (Red Hat, FreeBsd, BeOS):,249,,00.html?
    ZDNet's article collection:

    Or go directly to the most interesting aritcles:

    BeOS vs. Linux? No Such Fight:
    R4 Gains Altitude (The latest version coming in Dec.98):

    Unix based FreeWare

    *nix programs:

    The least expensive places to buy Linux:

    the Linux source:   Mail:
    (they sell you any Linux version for 3.50 + 0,75 for postage. Mail the money in an envelope)
    Eridani: ( 5.00 for 2 RedHat 6.0 + 2.00 postage + 1.00 for each additional double CD )

    The Linux homepage: (several versions or "distributions": programs for one version may not be usable for another)

    Caldera homepage (the totally graphical Linux version)
    The RedHat homepage (the most popular version of Linux / collection of Linux software)
    The FreeBsd homepage: (the most popular version of Bsd - one standard and able to read all Linux programs, seems to be the choice of veterans: stability, speed, and in particular universality)
    The K desktop environment - Freeware for Linux, FreeBsd and other Unix platforms:
    Linux Mandrake (RedHat with KDE office applications integrated)

    Some interesting articles:
    (with lots of links) that compare Microsoft with the more anarchistic FreeWare,  or rather *nix alternatives

    Eric S. Raymond: Building the Perfect Box: How to Design Your Linux Workstation:
    Unix vs. NT articles:
    John Kirch: Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX:
    Murry Shobat: Engineeers Speak Out: Linux vs. Windows NT, Part 1
    Nicolas Petreley:  The new Unix alters NT's orbit
    Nicolas Petreley:  Is NT paranoid or is Unix out to get it?
    Quinn P.Coldrion: Replacing Windows NT Server with Linux:

    Some favourite software:

    Cybermedia First Aid for DOS based programs, i.e. MS Windows.
    (FAR superior to Norton Utilities version 3, corrects Registry, Autoexec.bat, Config.sys, IRQ conflicts etc.)

    McAfee subscription will check and update your Windows system:
    Symantecs Live Update PRO subscription will check and update your Windows system:
    Speedy searching? (ftp, mp3 and general)
    Opera is a nice alternative to the giants, also for MacOS, Linux, BeOs. An alternative and amazingly fast, versatile and tiny browser: (1.147 Mb !)

    Two good articles on configuring windows. Make sure to back upbefore you touch the registry !
    Windows 98 Orientation Guide:


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