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Conferences on Economics in Oslo 1997-1998

1998: A conference celebrating 100 year anniversary of (the Norwegian-American founder of the US tradition of economic institutionalism) Thorstein BundeVeblen's main book: The Theory of the Leisure Class.

The conference was arranged by BI, the Oslo Business School. My co-writer presented our article:
"The Other Canon: The History of Renaissance Economics"

1998, August: I have been taking part in the preparations for a twin-conference in Oslo, September 3-6th, devoted to:

"Production Capitalism vs. Financial Capitalism - Symbiosis and Parasitism. An Evolutionary Perspective."

A Workshop/Conference organised by
Norsk Investorforum, Oslo & SUM – Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo.

September 3-4, 1998.

For further info contact Erik S. Reinert:

Have look at the Prolegomenon and (my) Bibliography by Erik and myself  for this conference.

The next two days, the following conference took place:

"Globalisation and Marginalisation in the 1990’s:
An Evolutionary and Activity-Specific Perspective."

A Workshop/Conference organised by
SUM – Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo & Norsk Investorforum, Oslo.

September 5-6, 1998

Further info on these two conferences will be posted on the web at a later stage.

May 1997

"Evolutionary economics and Spatial Income Inequality
- International, National and Regional Dimensions - from matter to mind."

The conference was arranged by:
Norsk Investorforum, Oslo and Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo

I presented the article:
"Man the Producer or Man the Trader? Different Images of Man as Bases for Different Development Strategies - Creatity Versus Extraction and Renaissance Idealism Versus Enlightenment Materialism "